Wind farm “Podveležje”

Location of facility - Podveležje-Mostar, territory of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton
Type of facility - 15 turbine wind farm
Installed capacity - 48.0 MW (max)
Annual generation - 120.0 GWh (Estimated on the basis of analysis)

Among others strategic objectives of JP Elektroprivreda B&H the wind farm "Podvelezje" has been recognized as one of the projects that provide support to the environmental protection and energy efficiency.

The concession for this project is  granted for a 30-year period. The energy permit is also granted.



Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau - KfW approved Elektroprivreda BiH loan to finance the construction of a wind farm "Podvelezje". Repayment of the loan is 15 years, including three years grace period. With KfW loan, construction will be funded from own resources.

Investment: 83.200.000 EUR or 162 millions BAM
 65.000.000 EUR – KfW loan
       335.400 EUR – KfW grant funds
 17.864.600 EUR – own funds

Project status

Complition activities:

  • EVALUATION OF TENDER, Lot 1: Contract for Engineering, Procurement, Supply and Construction of the 15 wind energy converters (WEC)
    Bid opening 28th October 2016
  • TENDER DOCIMENTS, Lot 2: 110 / 30kV transformer substation and medium voltage cable and fiber optic networks on 30kV - Tender announced on December 16th 2016 
  • CONTRACTING PROCESS, Lot 3: access roads and mounting plateau for erecting cranes
  • Local road L 13 reconstruction, length of about 2.5 km in the village Podveležje (jurisdiction of the City of Mostar). Bids opening held on 21th october 2016
  • 110 kV power transmission line: 16 th August 2016, EPBiH signed Contract with Elektroprijenos ad Banja Luka, on  wind farm Podveležje 110 kVconnection to the transmission network

Future activities:

  • Lot 2: Opening of Tenders
  • Lot 2: Contract signing
  • Lot 1: Complition of evaluation process and contract signing
  • Completion of evaluation and contracting on project of Local road L 13 reconstruction
  • Disclosure of Tender for construction power transmission line (Jurisdiction of Elektroprijenos ad Banja Luka)