Customers and electricity market

Until recently, the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity in most countries were considered a natural monopoly, i.e. they were reserved activities where competition was not possible. The electricity sector was organized through vertically organized companies that were owned by the state that controlled all aspects of the performance of the electric utility activities. The power sector reform, which started in the nineties of the last century in the EU, and few years ago Bosnia and Herzegovina, basically comes down to the introduction of competition in the electricity sector, and the opening of the electricity market. The ultimate goal of these reforms is to achieve this through the introduction of competition, efficiency, competitive prices and raising of the level of power quality.

In this section you can find basic information about electricity market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, categories of customers who are free to choose their supplier of electricity, as well as the steps necessary to take to become our electricity customer, whether you are a customer connected to the distribution network of EPBiH or to the distribution network of other power companies that operate in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.