Hydro Power Plant “Vranduk”

Location of facility – the River Bosna, area of Zenica City
Type of facility – run-of derivation power plant
Installed capacity - 19.63 MW
Annual production - 102 GWh


Investments - 142.9 million KM
Financing - Loans and funds of EPBIH

Project status

Completed activities:

  • Preliminary design - Energoinvest dd Sarajevo (leader), IPSA Institut Sarajevo and POYRY Energy GmbH Wien, 2010.
  • Contract for consultancy services (international Bank consultant) - Studio Pietrangeli is signed
  • "Management Plan" for the maintenance of the National monument Old Town Vranduk - Ecoplan Ltd. Mostar is completed
  • Contract for Construction of HPP Vranduk 20 MW is signed (with the Contractor Strabag SE / Koncar)
  • Contract for permanent Yellow FIDIC Engineer for HPP Vranduk – AECOM is signed
  • Concession Agreement Vranduk is signed
  • Preliminary approval for the construction of HPP Vranduk is obtained creating conditions for the start of preparatory work on the construction site
  • Construction site opened

Activities in progress:

  • The Main project packages 1 and 3 were submitted for the review
  • The review of Main project by Delegate FIDIC Engineer (SP) and the domestic auditor EI is in progress
  • Preparatory works on the construction site in accordance with the preliminary approval for construction is in progress:
    - Clearing the construction site area
    - Access roads to construction site
    - Construction site plateaus
    - Preparatory works in the riverbed for building auxiliary building cofferdam
    - Construction of temporary TS for construction site

    Future activities:

    • Obtaining permits for construction and start of works in accordance with the approval
    • The production, delivery and installation of equipment, construction works, testing and commissioning of the plant