Explanation of items in the bill

The meaning of the individual items in the bill

  1. Data on a branch to which you belong
  2. Data about a customer
  3. Account information: account number, billing period, date and place of issue of the bill, the date of reading and the maturity date, and tariff categories and customer groups
  4. a) Customer's code - unique customer code,

                  b) Measuring point code - a unique consumer code

  1. Units of measure for individual billing elements
  2. Amount of energy consumed during the accounting period
  3. Unit prices
  4. Calculated amount of individual items, i.e. product quantity and price, rounded to two decimal places
  5. Electricity (cost for energy purchase that besides costs of own production and supply, include also costs from producer RES, costs for ensuring quaranted electricity delivery, costs for ensuring cross-border capacitis and costs for risks in business )
  6. Fee regarding costs of transmission and distribution networks respectively  maintenance of the facilities and expenses refering to reading metering points and  costs for electircity losses, and expenses of BiH – NOS independent system operator, auxilliary system services and balancing that is to be paid to Elektroprijenos BiH, NOS BiH  and operator of distribution network
  7. Fee for renewable energy sources paid by all the customers in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina what is in accordance with Directive for incentive of  electricity generation form renewable sources and cogeneration
  8. Collective electricity consumption (as consumpton of light in common stairs, elevators ...)
  9. Amount of the consumed electricity – Tax basis
  10. Amount of value-added tax VAT calculated by applying prescribed tax to the tax basis
  11. Total amount for paying obtained by summing up the tax base, belonging amounts of taxes and interest penalties