Unit 8 TPP “Kakanj”

Location of facility – site of existing TPP “Kakanj”
Type of facility- replacement cogeneration unit
Installed capacity - 300 MW +300 MW thermal energy
Annual production - 1755 GWh


Investments in the construction of Unit 8 - 1035.2 million KM
Investments in the construction of Unit 8 with mine - 1225 million KM
Funding - project partnership

Project Status

Completed activities:

  • Completed and revised complete investment and environmental documentation

Obtained licenses:

  • Preliminary water management approval from the Agency for RBD of river Sava
  • Environmental permit from the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • Certificate on connection of Unit 8 to EES of Bosnia from ISO BiH
  • Conditions for connection to the transmission network from Transco BiH
  • Urban permit from the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning

Actions in progress:

  • Performing geological exploratory works
  • Development of projects that result from the obtained permits and approvals

Future activities:

  • Selection of project partners and closing financing structure
  • Ensuring the remaining permits and approvals
  • Performing preparatory work on the site
  • Adopting decisions about construction
  • Negotiating construction of Unit 8