Small hydro power plant “Kakanj” at the water intake of TPP „Kakanj“

Location of the facility - the river Bosna, area of municipality Kakanj, TPP „Kakanj“
Type of facility - Hydro plant dam toe powerhouse
Installed capacity - 4.69 MW
Annual production - 22.58 GWh


Investment - 30.5 million KM
Financing - credits and funds of EPBiH

Project status

Completed activities:

  • Conceptual design for SHPP „Kakanj“
  • Tender documentation for elaboration of the preliminary design SHPP „Kakanj“
  • Study of economic appraisal with prior impact environmental assessment

Activities in progress:

  • Obtaining of the prior Water compliances
  • Obtaining prior permit for concession

Future activities:

  • Elaboration of investment – technical documentation and documents for environmental assessment
  • Obtaining of Decision on Environmental permit
  • Obtaining of Urban permit
  • Elaboration of the Main design