Hydro Power Plant “Una Kostela-reconstruction and expansion”

Location of facility - the river Una, existing HPP “Una Kostela” are of the municipality Bihać,
Type of facility – run-of derivation power plant
Installed power - 13.7 MW
Annual production - 73.5 GWh


Investment - 32.7 million KM
Financing - Loans and funds of EPBIH

Project status

Completed activities:

  • Analysis of hydraulic performance and energy effects of the second phase of reconstruction of HPP “Una Kostela” and “HPP Una Kostela Annex” - Study on expansion
  • Study of the environmental discharge based on Una river investigations at the site of HPP Una Kostela
  • Preliminary Design for reconstruction and expansion
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
  • Environmental permit
  • Technical report on investigation works of Environmentally Friendly Flow of the river Una on HPP Una Kostela profile 

Activities in progress:

  • ​Ensuring approvals of the competent authorities for project implementation