HPPs on Neretva

Area of the river Neretva basin is one of the most important in Bosnia and Herzegovina from the standpoint of energy. The morphology of the terrain in the area of the basin and uneven precipitation in winter and spring period cause the sudden occurrence of floods with significant flows.

Medium natural annual flow in Mostar is 197.4 m³/sec.

Hydropower plants on the Neretva river basin which are managed by JP EPBIH:

  • HE “Jablanica”
  • HE “Grabovica”
  • HE “Salakovac”

Hydro Power Plant “Jablanica”

  • Location of facility – river Neretva, Herzegovina - Neretva Canton
  • Type of facility - derivation with accumulation reservoir for seasonal equalization
  • Installed capacity - 180 MW (six generators)
  • Average annual production - 770 GWh

Hydro Power Plant “Jablanica” is the first and largest power plants on the river Neretva. It was built in two phases from 1947 to 1955 and from 1955 to 1958. Electricity production in HPP “Jablanica” began in February 1955.

After the construction it was the largest hydropower facility in the former Yugoslavia.

Comprehensive revitalization of HPP (six generators and related equipment) was completed in 2008. Revitalization of the installed capacity increased from 150 MW to 180 MW and life time of the HPP was extended for the next 30 to 40 years.

Reservoirs of the Hydro Power Plant cover the Neretva River and all its tributaries upstream of Jablanica. Construction of the 85 feet high arch-gravity dam, just below the mouth of the river Rama into Neretva created a reservoir with maximum length of 30 kilometers, which stretches along the Neretva River to the town of Konjic, and along the river Rama to the village of Gračac. The shortest route between the lake and the machine room in Jablanica takes water to the turbines through two tunnels, about two kilometers in length with maximum drop of 111 meters.

Hydro Power Plant “Grabovica”

  • Location of facility - the river Neretva, Herzegovina - Neretva Canton (13 km downstream of HPP “Jablanica”)
  • Type of facility- dam power plant with a 60 m high concrete gravity dam 
  • Installed power - 114 MW (two units)
  • Average annual production - 334 GWh

Hydro Power Plant “Salakovac”

  • Location of facility - the Neretva River, Herzegovina - Neretva Canton (15 km upstream from Mostar)
  • Type of facility - dam power plant with a 70m high gravitation dam 
  • Installed power - 210 MW (three sets)
  • Average annual production - 410 GWh

Construction of the Hydro Power Plant lasted from 1977 to December 1981. HPP “Salakovac” is connected to the power system with 220 kV transmission line: HPP “Salakovac-Kakanj” and HPP “Salakovac - Mostar 3”.