Foreword of the General Manager

JP Elektroprivreda BiH is power leader with constant increase of part at the regional electricity market, Group's parent company in Concern EPBIH with more than 15,000 employees and an inseparable part of progress in Bosnia nad Herzegovina, its backbone and driver of growth development of other economic sectors

The given trust to lead the company means responsibility for stability of  Federation BiH and the BiH state what is not possible without stable electric power sector.

To keep stability, integrity and developing of the power sector is  fundamental principle on which are based all the activities which we perform to  have  reliable  and  qualitative electricity  supply  with high level of the social responsibility keeping operation readiness for  generating facilities with reconstruction and modernization, increasing of environment protection, respecting the world ecologic standards, principles and other obligations prescribed by European legislative in that field .

Availability of the natural sources, coal as primary one for energy as well as  hydropotential are the base for realization of our strategic orientation along with construction of thermal blocks  replacement and facilities from renewable energy sources. The developing capacity of  JP Elektroprivreda BiH  means  also contribution to economic recovery and growth of national economy and sustainable of the social community .

The commitment to build new thermal potential to operate in cogeneration and producing electricity and heat energy means determination to keep the Mines operation in the Concern  EPBiH and its prosperity. Therefore our obligation to keep stability in generation and distribution of electricity, providing reliable electricity supply, continuity of positive and succesfull business operation, positioning at the market and revitalisation of the Mines operation in Concern, restructuring and finace investment with aim to increase  the coal production, quantity for thermal  plants, industrial and other consumers .

Our basic principle is to focus on the needs of more than 730.000 customers.The aim is to have succesfull  business that brings profit but also the company integrity with the community in a liable mode, confirmed by our activities  with positive effects to advancement of  social community. The reliance of the community in the areas of our business that improve detection and responding to the needs of the local and wider community, team works, leadership and professionalism are values which are the basis for future of JP Elektroprivreda BiH.


                                                    General Manager

Bajazit Jašarević